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    Buy, Sell, Trade... Locally

    That's the motto of the VCI Classifieds. This is the benefit we provide to area residents and businesses.

    In contrast, selling items using online auction web sites such as eBay involves selling items to persons far away. This requires time consuming trips to the post office and trusting that the buyer receives the item and is happy with the item. By using the VCI Classifieds, a local person can sell items to other local persons quite easily, removing the headache associated with online auction web sites. Best of all, there isn't a fee for the sale of each item.

    Our Classic accounts are designed to be used by the casual buyer or seller. This account type allows for up to 8 ads per 30 day period. Anyone interested in upgrading to a Pro account will be charged a quarterly fee of $29.97. All of your existing ads will immediately be upgraded.

    If you need more ads we offer "paid ads" for just 99 cents. These "paid ads" are exempt from the 8 ad limit and can be renewed each month without additional fees.

    VCI also offers additional advertising on the Classifieds. Click on our "Advertising" page to view details.
    Account Types
    • Classic - $5.99 signup fee. Includes these features:

      1. Place up to 8 free ads each month
      2. Attach up to 3 images to each ad
      3. Ads expire after 30 days with an option to renew

    • Pro - $9.99 / month paid quarterly. Includes these features:

      1. Place up to 200 ads each month
      2. Attach up to 9 images to each ad
      3. Ads expire after 30 days with an option to renew
      4. Ads displayed at page top
      5. Rich text ads

    Account Type Comparison
    Signup Fee$5.99None
    Quarterly FeeNone$29.97
    Number of Ads Each Month8200
    Number of Images per Ad39
    Ads Expire After How Many Days?3030
    Can Renew Ads After 25 Days?YesYes
    Ads Displayed At Top?NoYes
    HTML Capable Ads?YesYes
    Rich Text Ads?NoYes

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