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  • Steps to Place a Banner

    About VCI Banners

    Banner advertising is a common way to advertise online. The VCI Classifieds hosts text banners on different sections of the website. These banners are displayed 130,000 - 150,000 times each day.

    Banner advertising is particularly useful to someone needing to drive business to their web site. Selecting your target audience can be useful in getting the most "bang for your buck". Our "random" banners are displayed to everyone using the Classifieds. Our "targeted" banners are displayed to users in a particular city. Targeted banners are primarily used to advertise a special event or service available only to a particular city.

    Steps to Banner Advertising

    Placing a banner on the VCI Classifieds is easy. Just follow the steps described below to create your banner and have it displayed in a matter of minutes.

    1. Register for a VCI Classifieds account. Registration is required to purchase banners.

    2. Login to your VCI Classifieds account and click "My Banners" in the Dashboard.

    3. Create a banner. Creating a banner is easy. Just fill in the Ad Title, Banner Body and URL.

    4. After you have created a banner you must enable it. Do this by clicking the green up arrow on the right.

    5. All banners must have VCI staff approval to ensure banners are clean and appropriate. After your banner has been reviewed you will receive an email notification of the status. If your banner was not approved you may inquire as to why.

    6. The next step is payment. VCI uses PayPal to process payments. If you have a PayPal account you can signin to PayPal and provide payment or PayPal will accept many other forms of payment as well.

    7. After payment has been made your banner will be displayed.

    8. You can modify your banner at anytime, however, your banner must be approved again by VCI staff.

    Types of Banners

    Two types of banners are available - random and targeted. A description of these two types follows:
    1. Random - These banners are displayed to registered and NON-registered VCI Classifieds users regardless of what city they are in. These banners are typically used by businesses that can provide a service or product to users regardless of location. This type of banner will often receive many impressions quickly and, thus, have a shorter life than the targeted banners.

    2. Targeted - These banners are displayed to registered VCI Classifieds users of a particular city. These banners are typically used by businesses that are interested in providing a service or product to users in a particular location. This type of banner will often receive fewer impressions and have a longer life than the random banners because of the smaller audience the banner is targeting.

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