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    What is RSS?  

    "RSS" has meant different things over the past few years as it has evolved into it's present day format. It began as "Really Simply Syndication" but many refer to it as "Rich Site Summary". It uses something called "XML" to create a standard data format for news. In respect of the VCI Classifieds, it means we provide the latest ads for you to view with your RSS "feed reader" as described below.

    What are the benefits of RSS?

    In a nutshell, time and bandwidth, but end user benefits will depend on the client you choose. RSS allows you to get to the "meat" of the Classifieds faster.
    1. RSS saves time by only putting the ad into a small file for you to grab with your RSS reader.
    2. RSS saves bandwidth because the data in the RSS feed is "to the point". You don't have to download an entire web page to view the ads. Because the RSS feeds are small you can easily and quickly download them into any XML compatible device such as a cell phone, pager, handheld computer.
    3. RSS allows you to download the Classified ads without a subscription and revealing your identity.
    4. If you use Mozilla as your browser of choice you can add the VCI Classifieds RSS feed to view the ads at the top of Mozilla.
    5. If you use a feed reader such as Newsreader you can get the latest ads as quickly as 1 minute after they were posted.
    6. RSS also allows webmasters to use an RSS feed to integrate the feed data into their own site.
    What can't I do with VCI's RSS feed?
    1. The purpose of the VCI Classifieds RSS feed is to provide you another option of viewing the ads placed. In order to respond to the ad you will still need to visit the VCI Classifieds web site. You can reply via the phone number in the ad if one is provided.
    2. RSS only allows you to view the ads. You still need to visit the VCI Classifieds site to place or edit ads.

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