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  • Seller Safety

    Selling items on a classifieds systems includes a degree of risk. At VCI, we periodically receive reports of sellers who have sold a faulty or incorrectly described item. VCI has no control over the buyer or the seller so we offer the the following tips to assist you in completing a satisfactory transaction.
    • Copy of Ad - Print a copy of the ad. Your ad will ensure your item was not described improperly in case any issues come up later.
    • Keep Correspondence - Keep any emails, voicemails or text messages you have exchanged with the other person.
    • Provide Accurate Descriptions - Include photos and an accurate description in your ad. This is typically where most problems occur. Buyers are encouraged to review the item thoroughly before committing to a purchase. By providing an accurate description you can reduce time wasted and problems after the sale.
    • Answer Questions - Buyers are encouraged to ask lots of questions, even questions that should be common sense. By answering those questions honestly and thoroughly you can help the buyer feel confident in the transaction and hopefully avoid problems after the sale.
    • Show the Item - Allow the buyer to view the item. Hiding or limiting the information will not build trust with the buyer and will likely result in a problematic sale.
    • Public Meeting - Try to avoid meeting the buyer in a private place. Suggest you meet in the parking lot of a nearby business.
    • Limit Personal Information - Don't share too much of your personal information. For most transactions the buyer will NOT need your social security number, credit card numbers, passwords, etc.
    • Choose an Appropriate Payment Method - Paying with cash is easy and simple but it does not provide proof of payment. Buyers are encouraged to obtain proof of payment so be prepared to offer a receipt upon request. If you decide to accept a personal checks make sure you also get the buyer's drivers license and phone number if the checks bounces.
    • Research the Buyer - When possible check the buyer. If a phone number or email address search them on Google or Yahoo. Make sure the buyer information is consistent.
    • Don't Offend the Buyer - Most buyers expect a small degree of bartering or negotiating. However, unnecessary comments regarding price, poor quality or condition of the item will always doom a transaction and seller reputation.

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