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    The VCI Classifieds includes the following security to help protect our customers from scams:
    1. Blocked! - Most scammers are outside the United States. For that reason we block all IP addresses outside the US from viewing ads.
    2. Offline Scams - Although most scammers are outside the United States there are times when a scammer may be inside the country. If the scammer can get your telephone number or email address they can bypass the VCI Classifieds and contact you directly. For this reason we ask our customers to NOT put their contact information in the ad itself. By doing so your contact information is kept private.
    3. Signup - We only accept signups from neighboring states. In addition to enhancing security this also helps keep the site locally oriented.
    4. Signup Fee - The $5.99 signup fee helps to ensure that only valid customers will signup as scammers won't pay the fee.
    5. Education - The best time to avoid a scam is before you fall victim to one. The best way to avoid becoming a scam victim is education. Education makes everyone aware of scams. Scams change periodically so the information requires periodic updating. A certain degree of common sense is also helpful. VCI posts appropriate scam information on the website to help customers avoid scams.

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