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  • Authorized Use Policy

    • Registration is required to post or reply to ads.

    • A registration fee of $5.99 applies to all users.

    • Your email address will be hidden for privacy and to protect users against spam and scams. Placing your email address in your ad is not recommended.

    • All ads will be removed after 30 days unless the owner extends the ad. When the ad is 25 days old the owner will be sent a email allowing the owner to extend the ad another 30 days.

    • HTML is permitted to enhance ads.

    • The Classifieds has two account types:

      • Classic - This account requires a $5.99 registration fee and has the following features:
        1. Place a maximum of 8 ads in a 25 day period
        2. Attach up to 3 images per ad
        3. Ads expire after 30 days

      • Pro - This account costs $9.99 / month (paid quarterly) and has the following features:
        1. Place up to 200 ads over a 25 day period
        2. Attach up to 6 images per ad
        3. Ads displayed before free ads
        4. Ads expire after 30 days
        5. More features may be added

    • To protect Classifieds users from scams...

      1. The VCI Classifieds is not viewable from outside the United States
      2. Email addresses are hidden for privacy reasons
      3. Only residents from the states of TN, KY, MO, IL and IN are allowed to register.
      4. Application of a registration fee will generally ensure scammers will not register.

    • Registered users can attach images to ads in the following ways:

      1. Images uploaded are limited by file size to 100k
      2. Using an external source with HTML
      3. Images are recommended to be less than 600 pixels wide


    1. Ads involving live animals (wanted, free, for sale, lost or found) are not allowed in any category of the VCI classifieds.

    2. Ads should not be re-posted or re-newed until the ad reaches expiration (25 - 30 days). All ads should be placed in an appropriate category. Any ads re-posted, re-newed before the ad expiration or posted in an appropriate category will be subject to deletion and/or account suspension.

    3. All ads deemed unfit by VCI staff may be removed without prior notice by VCI Staff.

    4. You agree that all ads submitted are the sole responsibility of the submitter from which such ads originated. This means that you, and not VCI, are entirely responsible for all ads placed. VCI does not control the ads submitted via this service and, as such, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such ads. Under no circumstances will VCI be liable in any way for any ad, including, but not limited to, for any errors or omissions in any ad, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any ad posted via this service.

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