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  • Buyer Searches

    You may be familiar with the "Saved Searches" feature located in the "Dashboard". This feature helps notify buyers when an item they are looking for is listed for sale. It helps sophisticated buyers get first dibs on items and greatly increases the speed at which items sell. Although somewhat related, this is different from the search feature displayed at the top of this website.

    The following describes what those buyers are searching for. If you have any items that fit these categories or trigger words you should consider placing an ad for that item. Shortly after your ad is placed the buyer will be emailed a notification.

    The information in the table contains the following fields:

    • Category - States which category has searches associated with it.
    • # Buyers - Refers to how many buyers are looking for items in that category.
    • Trigger Words - Displays the specific word(s) that triggers a notification to the buyer. Not all searches have trigger words.

    Category# BuyersTrigger Words
    All648 smoker, .223 ammo, 10/22 ruger, 1000369, 1020246, 1027576, 1169268, 1215616, 1221368, 1231814, 1911, 1955-57 Chevy car parts, 1955-57 Chevy cars, 1997 dodge caravan, 1998 sportage 4X4, 1999 ford ranger, 1999 Sportage 4X4, 2000 Sportage 4X4, 2001 dodge intrepid, 2001 Sportage 4X4, 2002 chevy Prizm, 2007 corvette, 2007 vw Beetle , 2010 ford focus, 2010 Lincoln SUV, 2014 captiva, 2014 ford Edge, 2016 sierra, 2016 silverado, 20ft, 22 revolver, 22lr ammo, 24x12.00-12, 2500, 30-06, 300 blk, 303 British , 308, 318, 338, 338 lapua, 340, 351pd, 360, 370z, 383, 392, 440, 45 Sales, 4wd, 4x4, 6.5, 642 airweight, 82216, 893410, 894229, 897626, 908140, 922652, 929235, 931048, 939728, 954033, 970660, 974178, 989283, 989815, 9mm, 9mm ammo, abu garcia, Ac , Accord coupe , Acres, ad, Air conditioner, air gun, air hockey table, Altima, alucobond, Anschutz, anvil, Ar-10, Ar10, Arcade, Argo, arkansas, atv, Auction, autocad, Backboard, backhoe, band saw, Barn wood, Barracuda, Barrel 55 , Basketball, Batteries, bayonet, beetle, benelli , Bicycle, bicycles, blue glass, Boat alternator, Boats, bomber boats, Book case, Bookcase, bookshelf, bowfishing, bowflex, box blade, Boxster, Bronco, browning, Browning 9mm, bruno curb sider, Brush mower, Bucket truck, Buell, bug, Buggy, Bush hog, cabinet, Cages, Cal king, Cali king, California king, camaro, camper, campers, Camry, can am, canon, Carcano, case backhoe buckets, Case XX, Cat, Catcher, Caterpillar, cattle, Cattle panels, cb 750, cb750, ccp, Challenger, cherokee, chevy ralley wheels, Chrysler, Civic, Coffee table, Coin, Coins, colt, Copper, Copper pennies, Corner table, CORVETTE, crappie rods, Crib, Crosley, crossbow, Cub cadet, Cuda, Cushman Scooters, Cutlass, cz, Dart, datsun z, Deck, deer stands, Deere, dehumidifier, Deionizer, desk, diecast, dirt bike, Discbine, Dock, dodge dually, Doghouse, Drill press, drum set, dryer, Dually, Duster, earnhardt, Echelon, Echo, Elliptical, Enclosed Trailer tandem axle , End table, Enfield, exercise, exercise bike, ezgo, f100, fan, fence panels, firewood, fishing pontoon, Foot stool, Ford, ford flex, Ford fusion, ford ranger, franciscan earthenware, franciscan sierra sand, Freezer, fryer, Fuel tank, Gamo, gas golf cart, Gator, generator, geo tracker, Glock, glock 43, GMC Sierra 4x4, GMC Yukon, go cart, Go-cart, Goal, Gocart, Goldwing, golf, GOLF CART, Golf clubs, Grand Cherokee , Grass, green egg, Green recliner, Grill, gto, Gtx, Guitar, Gun, gun safe, gx470, handyman, harley, harley davidson, Hay, Helicopter , hell cat, hellcat, Hemi, hi power, Hk, holiday world tickets, Home, Home defense shotgun , honda, honda 750, honda crf, Honda pioneer, Honda Rubicon, hoosier , horse, horse trailer, Horses, Hospital bed, hot tub, House , house for sale eddieville ky, how to receive texts on us mobil, Hummer H1, hunting, Indian artifacts, inversion, inversion table, ipad, iphone 4s, Iris Dishes, ithaca, Jayco, Jeep , Jeep Grand Cherokee , Jeep scrambler, Jeep Wrangler, jet ski, john boat, John Deere 4x4, JOHN DEERE 750, Joiner, jon boat, Juke box, kawasaki, kayak, Kayaks, kel tec keltec, Kennedy cantilever , Kennel, kennels, Kent, kimber, king bed, kitchen cabinets, Kitchen table, knife, Knotty pine, Komatsu, krone, La463, labor day, lake house wanted, lake lot, Land, Larrivee, lawn mower tire inner tube, lawn roller, Lawn sweep, Lead, lego, Limestone , looking for home on lake, looking for house on lake, Luger, machine, MACK, makarov, Marine Alternator, marlin, marlin 357, marlin x7, marlin xs7 , Maxima, mechanic, Metal detector, Miata, Military , Mill, Milling machine, minn, mixer, montero, moon bay, Mopar, morgan, mossberg, motor home, motorcycle, Motorcycle leather jacket, motorcycle trailer, motorguide, mower, mowers, MP-40, murphy bed, mustang, My ads, nascar, Natural gas water heater, new holland, nintendo, not running, notcher, odyssey, osage orange, Ottaman, Ottoman, outboard motor, p-32, P-64, p32, P64, p938, paddleboard, Painting, patio furniture, peace, peavey classic 30, pella windows, Pennies, Pick up truck, pilates, pinball, Pistol grip shotgun 12 gauge , Plasma, plastic, plastic barrel, Plastic barrels, plastic drums, Plow, Plymouth, plywood, polaris, polaris rzr, polaris wheels tires, PONTIAC motor, Pontic grand am , pontoon, pontoon boat, pontoon boats, pool accessories, pool slide, pos, Powder, powerdrive, pressure cooker, Pressure washer, Primers, procraft, propane generator, propane heaters, Puma, Queen bed, Ramp, Randall knife, recliner, recliners, recurve, Red Max, redmax, Reel mower, Reloading components , Remington , Remington 1187, Remington 700 SP 308, Remington 870, Remington 870 12 gauges, Remington 870 Wingmaster, Revolver, Riding Mower, Rifle, Road Kng, Rogue, rollers, Rossi, rossi 92, round pen, Rug, ruger, Ruger 10/22 stainless, Ruger 22, Ruger LCP , Ruger Mark 2, Ruger Mark II, ruger mk 2, ruger mk II, Ruger MKIV, Ruger PC Carbine, Ruger sr9, Ryobi, rzr, S10, sail, sailboat , sako, savage, Savage 720, saw, sax, Scat, Scooter, scooters, scuba, sea doo, seadoo, sears 101, Shelbourne , Shelf, Shelves, Shelving, Sickle mower, side by side, Side table, sideboard credenza buffet, sig, sig p320, Similac , skylanders skylander, Slate, sleep number, sleeve hitch, Smith , SNOW BLOWER, softball glove, Spa, Spas shotgun, springfield, Srt, St. Mary, Steel table, Steps, Stoeger, stoner, Subaru Outback , suburban, suzuki, Sweeper, swimming pool, table saw, tandem bike, Tanning bed, taurus, teeter, Terraria xbox 360 game, tesla, Thompson, three point, Tile table, Tiller , timing belt, toms candy, toms vending, Tools, topper, tow bar, toyota, Toyota truck, tracker, tractor, tractor grader blade, Tractor seat, Traeger, trailer, treadmill, trek, Trike, triton boat , trooper, Truck side step, truck topper, trucks, turf tire, Tv, tv stand, Twin size bed frames, Ultralight, used truck, vending machine, Verizon iPhone 4, victory, Viper, volkswagen, vw, Wagon, want lake home, washer dryer, waterfront, waverunner, weatherby, weedeater, Weld table, wesson, white table and chairs, Willy , winchester, Window unit, wood for sale, wrought iron fence, Xr650l , yamaha, Yamaha Rhino, yamaha v star, z06, Zero turn mower ,
    Firearms/Long Guns281101849, 20, 942, Ar , benelli, Enfield, henry colt smith wesson browning weatherby winchester beretta , Leupold, Mauser, montefeltro, Mosin, Remington, remington 1100, Rifle , Ruger, shotgun gauge ga, silver reserve, swedish, winchester,
    Firearms/Handguns281227415, 94, 942, basque, Beretta Nano, browning, browning, remington, smith wesson, beretta, sig sauer, winchester, colt, feg, glock, handguns, kimber, Polish, Ruger LC-9, Shadow, sig, browning, colt, berreta, Smith , springfield competition, uberti, walther,
    Autos/Pickup Truck23 chevrolet ssr, 1 ton black, 1022877, 1031454, 1033240, 1994 ford f250, 2013 Ford F150, Avalanche, chevy, dakota, ford, needs engine, Pick Up Truck, truck,
    Boats201652, 2008 bass tracker, 25 horse motor, 971278, boat, John Boats, John fishing Boats, kayak, personal wartercraft, Pontoon, pontoon boat, ranger, Sailboat , scott,
    Real Estate/Rent or Lease18benton, DRAFFENVILLE, for rent, hardin, paducah, rental homes,
    Real Estate/Residential14HOMES FOR SALE, shannon,
    Autos/Trucks13454 ss, 91 chevy 4x4, Chevrolet Silverado 4x4, Chevy s10 truck, chevy truck, dakota, diesel 4x4, Dodge power wagon, duramax, ford f350,
    Autos/Cars122007 Jaguar XK, camaro, camry, corvette, Ford mustang, Jaguar, mustang -CONVERTIBLE, TOYOTA,
    Farm/Tractors9Backhoe, case, farm tractors, front end loader, oliver, tractors,
    Real Estate/Land9farms acres land ,
    Autos/Sedan9Cadillac, Ford fusion , Grand Marqius, lincoln ls v8, saturn,
    Motorcycles/On-Road71994 V max, bmw, Can am, honda, motorcycle, sv 650, sv650,
    Campers and RVs72017, campers, coleman pop-up camper, fifth wheel, Hitch,
    Musical5Fender amp, french horn, guild acoustic guitar, Sound speakers , trumpet,
    Powersports/Utility5maverick sport, maverick trail, polaris ranger, rzr 900,
    Autos/SUV5classic, toyota rav4, Trailblazer,
    Furniture/Living Room4floor lamps, Sofa and Loveseat, Stone table, Storage bench,
    Powersports/4 Wheelers4atv, Honda 4 wheeler,
    Furniture/Outdoor4great patio set, Hot tub, swimming pool,
    Lawn and Garden4ABOVE GROUND POOL, Cub Cadet, Rototiller, Umbrella,
    Firearms/Accessories4Leupold, safe,
    Furniture/Bedroom3981201, Bunk bed, twin bedframe,
    Toys3car, jeep, truck,
    Collectibles3Beanie babies, case, NASCAR,
    Farm/Trailers32003 TRAIL KING, auto trailer hitch,
    Farm/Other3Goat, hay,
    Electronics/TVs3Plasma, tv,
    Autos/SUVs3expedition, yukon,
    Home/Miscellaneous3Plasma, sand blasting,
    Furniture/Kitchen3998000, Bar stools, island,
    Motorcycles/Off-Road3wr, wr250f, Yamaha,
    Free2Free, pick up, first come, metal,scrap,
    Electronics/Game Systems2pokemon, xbox,
    Hunting and Fishing222 ammo, Dog,
    Powersports/Golf Carts2
    Auto Parts/Engine2pontiac, pontiac 1999 grandam 2.4 4 cynlinder without egr,
    Real Estate/Commercial2
    Home/Building and Hardware2Cabinets, Storage Shed,
    Appliances/Stove2gas cook stove,
    Trade or Barter2radial arm saw,
    Electronics/Cell Phones2iphone,
    Farm/Implements2Holland 451 sickle, plow,
    Autos/Sports Car1corvette,
    Auto Parts/Other198 dodge cummins,
    Computers and Accessories/Printers11084524,
    Auto Parts/Tires and Wheels1Nissan wheels,
    Furniture/Kids Stuff1bunk,
    Home/Household Items1Plasma,
    Yard Sale1Yard sales,
    Auto Parts/Parting Out1geo tracker,
    Auto Parts/Body1Running boards,
    Arts and Crafts1 Sale,
    Computers and Accessories/Laptops1
    Other1Mobility scatter,
    Campers and RVs/Parts and Supplies1 camper,

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