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    Historic 1985 Eagle Model 10 Motor Coach For Sale
    Price: $19,500.00 Ad Id: 1017451
    Posted By: Lewis Drake of Murray, KY (item located in Murray, KY)
    Category:Campers and RVs
    Member Since:May 23, 2018 Date Posted:January 13
    Account Type:Classic Date Modified: 0
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:February 12
    1985 40’ Eagle Model 10 Motor Coach originally fitted out in 1985 for Tanya Tucker by Hemphill Bro’s., Inc. in Nashville TN.  Tucker operated the bus until around 1990 then sold it to the singing group, Alabama, from whom my wife and I purchased it in the late 1990’s and used in our business up until 2013. Odometer shows around 590,000 miles. Detroit 6V92 Diesel Engine with less than 20,000 miles since extensive overhaul. Manual shift, Fuller 5-speed transmission, with low mileage on new Spicer clutch. Impeccable maintenance history. Bus A/C needs new/rebuilt Compressor. Three (3) overhead heating/air-conditioning unitsin good condition. 9 bunks, each with sound system. Rear lounge with two couches, TV and sound system, sleeps two comfortably. Large clothes-hanging closet and medium size 120v home refrigerator. Washroom with head and sink. Front lounge with large couch, two captains swivel chairs, desk, overhead microwave oven, flat-screen TV with built in stereo disc/tape players, and VCR/DVD video player.  Trac Star Satellite Receiver (needs relatively minor maintenance). Power Tech 17.5 KW Diesel Generator, with only 1638 hours on it,  is mounted on slide-out rail for easy access and routine maintenance. High capacity, ProSine 2500, solid state inverter/charger will provide A/C power from house batteries for everything except the 3 overhead heating/cooling units which require 120v input from either the generator or shore power. Three large, well lit, lower deck storage bays. Air Ride Captains seat. Power steering. Great air brakes. Good tires all the way around. Original Exterior Paint is in fair-to-good condition with superb original custom airbrush art by legendary artist, Tim Schubert. Too many ammenities to list here. Most comfortable coach to drive we have ever owned! Eagle suspension provides the best ride out there and totally maintenance-free! Original Maintenance Manual with wiring diagrams and original Operators Manual included with purchase. Overall a great old, utterly reliable, bus with an interesting history and lots of good traveling miles left.

    1515 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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