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    sale or trade
    Ad Id: 1024373
    Posted By: antiques & collectables firearms of Princeton, KY (item located in Princeton, KY)
    Member Since:November 8, 2012 Date Posted:October 25
    Account Type:Classic Date Modified: 0
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:November 24
    1917 Colt army 357 on a 45 frame!!!!CHECK THE HOLSTERS OUT ON EBAY!!!!!smith&wessn showing  4.On Sale dangerous game rifle  last 2 pictures are of rifle ,a smith and wesson md 12-2 AIR WEIGHT! fully custom engraved,custom finnish 38spc,,with real mastadon  grips,one of a kind...    .  Private seller... ...selling my Stevens collection.Just in...mexican copy of colt 44 saa. Blackpowder frame... In the white,with steer.horn grips plus antique picado holste,,,sewn with. Cactis thread has coa. paper.own piece of history......$800.00  ......To trade for----Looking for a m1.carbine 30cal. for sale..AFRICAN -DANGEROUS GAME RIFLE-Custom remington md 700 action. Custom barrel. Curly maple stock 375 ruger
      $1500.00. Like new......... Derringers 38spc with suspender holster,,,, ....4sale 2 doc holliday style shoulDer holsters black. $$135.00 each..2 hand engraved 45lc revolvers ......  ..Sale or trade..custom hand made 50 cal black powder.rifle by buddy exc.shape.  ,need a gunsmith?found one just not local......thanks vci.....                                     
    .traded for:engraved & gold washed fn browning model 1910 32acp I believe,looks like a little bigger than the baby browning,  !!!!!!!TRADES WELCOME..does not need to be another firearn,as long as I can use it...... USE THE ''ASK QUESTION'' BELOW......And another one bites the !!! Thank you vci, , . 
          Also have custom leather shoulder holsters, not wally world .......,,,,,,also American Derringer in 38spc,high standard 22lr, sharps 4 barrel Derringer, antique stevens and savage rifles target rifles, remington # 4 in excellent condition, and others

    1515 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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