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    Delta 22-790X wood planer, only 1 left
    Price: $1.00 Ad Id: 1058123
    Posted By: john morris of Arlington, KY (item located in Arlington, KY)
    Member Since:March 23, 2009 Date Posted:November 7
    Account Type:Classic Date Modified: 0
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:December 07
    I have 2 Delta 22-790X wood planers for sale.  They are 15" models.  They are 3hp with a two speed feed rate.  They are new and have never been used on custom built, heavy duty stands.  They still have the protective coving on the beds.  They are 1 phase, 220 volt and are pro model planers.

    From the internet:
    Powered by a 3-horsepower, 240-volt, 1-phase, 60-hertz motor, the DELTA 22-790X 15-Inch Planer easily works through rough lumber. Its fast, dual-feed rates (16 fpm/30 fpm) let you power through jobs, while its motor-on-top design saves you time by eliminating the need to move in-feed and out-feed rollers every time you make a cut. In addition, Delta's exclusive serrated in-feed roller and three-knife cutter head make light work of even the biggest jobs.

    Efficient Power Distribution and Smooth Stock Feeding

    For powerful and responsive operation, the oil-bath gear box takes power for the feed rollers directly from the cutter head, while the spiral, serrated-steel in-feed roller and polyurethane out-feed roller keep stock moving smoothly and efficiently.

    Precise, Accurate, and Easy-to-Adjust

    For precision and accuracy, the 22-790X's cutter head assembly features a patented adjustment system that raises and lowers cutter head on four precision-ground columns.

    Rugged Construction with Cast-Iron Table and Dust Chutes

    As durable as it is powerful, the22-790X features a rugged chain-and-sprocket drive that provides positive feeding and long running life. Dust and debris are kept away from the planer via 4-inch and 5-inch dust chutes for extended durability. And the 15- x 62-1/2-inch table is made of sturdy cast iron for protection against wear and tear.


    The DELTA 22-790X 15-Inch Planer with Deluxe Stand measures 28 by 60 by 24 inches (W x H x D), weighs about 375 pounds

    15-Inch Planer, three-knife cutter head, serrated in-feed roller, polyurethane out-feed roller, anti-kickback fingers, tool kit, cast-iron table, knife-setting gauge, 4- and 5-inch dust chute, deluxe stand, and printed off manual.

    Product Feature:

    Its motor-on-top-design saves you time by eliminating the need to move infeed and outfeed rollers stands every time you make a cut.
    Oil-bath gear box takes power for the feed rollers directly from the cutterhead
    Rugged chain and sprocket drive provides positive feeding and long running life
    Spiral serrated steel infeed roller and polyurethane outfeed roller keep stock moving smoothly and efficiently
    Cutterhead assembly features a patented adjustment system that accurately raises and lowers cutterhead on four precision-ground columns

    Very nice and very heavy duty.  I have manuals and tool kits for each of the planers  I am asking $1000 each.  These normally go for $1500
    Feel free to contact John Morris at 270562-19twonine

    1515 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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