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    ALL SOLID WOOD Yamaha Guitars
    Price: $1,299.99 Ad Id: 1088078
    Posted By: Music ONE of Murray, KY (item located in Murray, KY)
    Member Since:March 15, 2012 Date Posted:April 29
    Account Type:Pro Date Modified: 0
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:May 29
    Web Site:
    Come see these fine Japanese Made All Solid Wood Acoustic Electric Guitars.   The A5M and the AC5M are some of Yamaha's finest Handcrafted guitars.  Here's more information!
     I am a Yamaha Dealer and this is a Brand New Guitar with Factory Warranty The very nice deluxe Yamaha brand Hard Case is included, also.

    Searching for an attractive and great-sounding, well-priced handmade guitar? Yamaha's A5M acoustic-electric guitar offers a vintage look with enhanced volume in the low-mid ranges, due to new scalloped bracing for the top and shorter bracing on the dreadnought's back. With a solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, the guitar sounds fantastic — and the A5M is handmade in Japan, with premium build quality and attention to detail. It also benefits from Yamaha's A.R.E. wood torrefaction, a high-heat treatment that gives the guitar top greater stability and an aged, vintage hue. The A5M takes full advantage of Yamaha's unobtrusive and versatile SRT2 pickup system for recording and stage performance. You get volume, treble, and bass controls (with auto feedback reduction), and blend control allows you to balance between the piezo and SRT2 preamp, for your own distinctive tone.


    Modern audio engineering with vintage style

    While the Yamaha A5M has a traditional western body cutaway, its lows and highs resonate even more fully than those generated by conventional designs, thanks to new scalloped top bracing and shorter back board bracing. These modifications allow the top and back to resonate more naturally and with greater volume in the low-mid ranges. The western cutaway gives it a classic look, but an all-new brace design definitely brings the Yamaha A5M into the twenty-first century — and the Sweetwater showroom!

    Quality woods plus innovation equal brilliant sound

    Sitka spruce is highly valued for guitar tops — and for good reason. This select grade of stiff but elastic softwood is equally suited to aggressive strumming, flatpicking, and even fingerpicking styles of play. The Yamaha A5M features a solid Sitka top that is treated at high heat to remove moisture and volatiles, resulting in greater stability and beautiful aged color. The A5M's solid mahogany back and sides also produce warm, balanced tones from low to high. With its traditional western cutaway and ebony fingerboard and bridge, this guitar looks, plays, and sounds great.


    Studio sound onstage

    Normally you can best hear a guitar's subtle nuances in the studio while it's miked, but the A5M has Yamaha's SRT2 pickup system, which brings those wonderful acoustic sounds to the stage. With blend control, you can balance the output from the under-saddle piezo pickup with the modeling of either a Neumann KM 56 small-diaphragm condenser mic or a Royer R-122 active ribbon mic, creating your own unique tone with natural clarity.

    Yamaha A5M Features:

    • 6-string acoustic-electric with traditional western cutaway in cool vintage natural finish

    • Solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides for bright, warm tone

    • A.R.E. wood torrefaction provides greater stability and attractive aged color

    • SRT2 system allows you to blend between piezo and SRT2 preamp signals for a personalized sound

    • Handmade in Japan with select tonewoods and premium build quality for long-lasting performance

    1515 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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