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    Fresh veggies, fall decorations Sat & Sunday
    Ad Id: 1121947
    Posted By: melody Pool of Barlow, KY (item located in Kuttawa, KY)
    Member Since:December 16, 2008 Date Posted:October 17
    Account Type:Classic Date Modified:October 22
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:November 16
    Open Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am-3pm at Vickie's country village flea market at Suwanee Ky, hwy. 62 w.

    This week I have tomatoes, zucchini squash,candy onions, slicing cucumbers, new potatoes {red & white} jalapeno peppers,cayenne peppers,bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, cherry tomatoes ,gala apples, honey crisp apples, ginger gold apples, jona gold apples, mutsu apples,sweet potatoes, acorn squash, butternut squash, wing gourds, indian corn,Indian fingers, baking potatoes,  jack b little pumpkins, pie pumpkins, lg pumpkins, corn shocks , deer corn & mums .

    If you want several canning tomatoes let me know ahead of time.  I do have
    Some canners today.

    Also jams, jellies, relishes, sorghum and local honey. 
    For directions or info text me at 270 748 7471

    1515 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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