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    Enviromental Industry Hoses
    Price: $300.00 Ad Id: 1128183
    Posted By: michael kimsey of Paducah, KY (item located in Paducah, KY)
    Category:Heavy Equipment
    Member Since:July 9, 2008 Date Posted:June 1
    Account Type:Classic Date Modified: 0
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:July 01
    I got these hoses when i bought an enclosed trailer from an enviromental company.  Dont know anything about this kind of work except this stuff is kinda pricey.  I have 2 sections of about 4 inch hose marked WATER with connectors on all 4 ends.  I also have 3 sections of approximately 5-6 inch hoses marked HOT AIR with connectors on all 6 ends.  All the sections are about 20-25 foot long.  If you are interested in these, contact me at 270-556-0258. Text is the best way to reach me but you can call me if you wish.  Hoses are located on the southside real close to the John Puryear Bridge. Thanks

    1515 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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