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    Ad Id: 1135329
    Posted By: Michael L. Roberts of Kevil, KY (item located in Kevil, KY)
    Member Since:July 18, 2010 Date Posted:May 25
    Account Type:Classic Date Modified: 0
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:June 24
    CONTACT HOWARD ( TEXT ONLY ) at 780-203-5384 for info & pricing.

    XL Parts 1954 to 1976

    Set engine cases
    Cam Cover with P cams
    S&S stoker fly wheels
    Clutch Assembly
    Oil pump
    Distributors (2)
    Magneto less coil
    Tappet guides polished
    4 speed transmission complete
    Front and rear motor mounts
    Breather tube chrome
    Counter shaft  sprockets 20 & 22 tooth
    Stock Chain
    Rear brake cross over shaft and pedal
    Single front brake caliber & mount
    Front brake master cylinder
    Set dual front brake calibers
    Late style battery cover
    Oil tanks (3)
    Intake manifold
    Sprocket cover kick start
    Primary cover polished
    Frame with 1/2 rake
    Chrome swing arms with bearings (2)
    Chrome fork cups
    Set of front foot pegs and mounts
    Bag of shock mount bolts and covers
    Rear fenders (2)
    Front fender aftermarket
    Clutch lever assembly
    Kick stands (2)
    35 MM chrome triple tree
    39 MM polished triple tree
    AEE square tube Springer
    Stock headlight assembly with mount
    Stock bore cylinders with pistons(1000cc)
    Front axle and spacers for mounting FXR wheel on stock forks

    BIG TWIN 1996 to 2006

    Chrome trans cover 2 pcs.
    Chrome transmission to engine cover
    Chrome caliper covers road guild logo
    Polished transmission cover
    Fuel tank sending unit
    Chrome regulator cover with hardware
    Front rotors (2)
    Cams,chains,gears,tentioner,lifters and oil pump (stock 2002)
    Primary chain tensioner
    Clutch spring and ramp
    Chrome derby cover

    1997 Down

    Set rotors covers with lower leg lutes
    Rear speaker wiring harness
    Rear speaker amp
    Rear speaker pods
    Rear turn signal bar
    Set front turn signals
    Set rear accessory lights
    Rear fender tip light with extra lens
    Rear tail lamp complete
    High mount tour pack lamp (rectangular)
    Tour pack side light lens (5)
    Fuel door locks (2)
    Rear brake pedal
    Rear HD mud flap
    Rear fender bumper rubber
    Head light and spot light rings
    Complete spot light
    Set rear foot boards and brackets
    Front foot boards (3) eng. Cover
    Set brake and clutch leavers
    Pair single brake calipers
    Rear brake caliper
    Rear master cylinder
    Turn signal module (1993)
    Klien carburetor (2)
    Bendix carburetor (2)
    Air cleaner with custom S&S back plate
    Set vortex exhaust inserts
    Chrome coil covers (2)
    Rear shocks (5) one air shock
    Throttle cables
    Clutch cable
    Front brake hoses


    S&S cam retainer twin cam (new)
    one package twin cam cam case O rings and bearings (new)
    Stock cams fuel injected (2001)
    Push rod center covers center (4)
    Clutch hub bearing (new)
    Miss. brake hoses and fittings
    Ignition coils for points ignitions (2)
    S&S float bowl has striped screw
    Prestolite starter
    Magneto no coil (pan head)
    Generator band
    Kick pedal Flat
    Stock hand grips,stock (2 sets)
    Set H/D barrel grips
    Mirrors (6)
    Brake and clutch leavers
    Oil cooler
    Set yellow hand grips
    6" handle bar risers
    Handle bars buckhorn (2), Stock road glide , drag bar
    Set dual ISO foot pegs
    5" headlight assembly

    Square head lamps, 2 painted, 2 chrome
    Headlight mounts, 1 dual, 1 single
    7" headlight shell
    Mini speedometer with custom housing
    12" exhaust baffles 1 3/4 pipe (2)
    Misalliances exhaust systems
    Front and rear wheels dyna 19 & 16 with tires
    Ridged saddlebag right side (new)
    Stock lgh Fork tubes (XL) (2 sets)
    Lower forks and dual disk(XL)
    Seats (3)
    Container speakers, FLH
    Kawasaki fork (KZ 1000)

    1515 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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