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    Investment Property **UPDATE**
    Ad Id: 1156815
    Posted By: lucky of Paducah, KY (item located in Paducah, KY)
    Category:Real Estate/Commercial
    Member Since:October 22, 2010 Date Posted:May 30
    Account Type:Classic Date Modified: 0
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:June 29
        As Approx 10th Of Mile Of Frontage On Old 60 W. There Are Three Houses On This Property As Of Now With Approx 10 Acres. Zoned Already Commercial Being Sold As Is. Taking Offers/Bids On This Property. By Appointment Only, Do Have Updated Zone Picture Of Land Plot. Serious Inquires Only!  UPDATE The NEW Friendship Road That The State Is Putting In Behind Menards Is Taking Approx 2 Acres Of This Property, The Benefit Of That This Property Will Have Approx 1-2 Acres Of Road Frontage On That Road As Well! (Both Roads Frontage) You Can See New Road Lay Out On States Web Site Or WPSD Web Site. You Can Do Your Research And See What Other Properties Are Going For/Acreage. NO The Owner Does Not Need Help Selling This Property At This Time. Thank You. Call Al 270-217-9427

    1515 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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