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    Intex 10ft x 30" Pool & 330 GPH Filter/Pump
    Price: $60.00 Ad Id: 1179905
    Posted By: John Blanchette of Murray, KY (item located in Murray, KY)
    Member Since:December 19, 2014 Date Posted:June 9
    Account Type:Classic Date Modified:June 10
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:July 09
    My senior neighbor bought this last year at Walmart here in Murray for him and his wife. They ended up using it 1 or 2 times in a month's time then took it down and gave it to me. I cleaned it up and stored it over the winter in my garage.

    In addition to the pool that still can be bought at Walmart for $89 it also has a fitted cover and chlorine tabs and feeder and test strips. So new all this stuff would be over $140. I can use the stuff individually for various projects around the house but it is a great package deal for someone who wants a little watering hole in the back yard to splash in this summer so that is why I am putting it on VCI.

    Here is info from the Walmart website:

    Hydro Aeration Technology is incorporated into the cartridge filter pump providing improved circulation and filtration, improved water clarity, and increased negative ions at the water surface. System flow rate: 300 gallons. Ready for water in 10 minutes, simply spread out on level ground, inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water, and enjoy the fun. Constructed with puncture-resistant 3-ply material.

    Pump flow rate: 330 gallons.
    System flow rate: 300 gallons-Type-H filter cartridges-Water.
    Capacity: 1018 gallons (3854 L) at 80% full.

    Thank you for looking. If you have any questions, call or text John at 312-300-1003.

    1515 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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