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    1986 Peavey Falcon USA
    Price: $699.00 Ad Id: 1201242
    Posted By: West Kentucky Pawn of Mayfield, KY (item located in Mayfield, KY)
    Member Since:May 26, 2012 Date Posted:September 18
    Account Type:Pro Date Modified: 0
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    Peavey Falcon Made the dood ol USA

    Mon Tues Thur Fri 930-5
    Wed 930-12
    Sat & Sun closed

    Possibly one of the most underated guitars of the past 60 years,  The Peavey Falon was the guitar Rock Gutiarist in the 80's loved to hate.  During the 80's everyone and I do mean everyone who played rock wanted a super strat. Jackson, Charvel were the big names, BC Rich was as well but known for more metal guitars.  Gibson tried to make a move with a couple of ill fated solidbodys called the Corvus , Futura and US-1 and U2. Peavey was well known for their PA systems and amp's. The Country guys loved the Peavey T- series gutiars and basses.  Like everyone else I loved to hate on these guitars. 

    Enter the Peavey Falcon series of guitars on 1986.  The Falcons were very good clones of Fender Stratocasters but with many improvements.  The Falcon'a featured a double offset cutaway poplar body. A bolt-on bilaminated maple neck, a 22-fret mapel fingerboard, Six on a side tuners, three singe coil pickups, Kahler locking tremolo  system. The gutiar has a volume and tone control and a 5 way selector switch, Scale Lenth is 25.5   The Falcon Custom however was more designed as a Super Strat.  The Custom has a flater radiused Rosewood fretboard which was aces for Van Halen style tapping. 
     I have yet to understand why the Kayler vibrato system did not become the standard for premium vibrato systems.   Imagine a Floyd Rose that actually worked everytime and you could chnage strings in a few minutes instead of an hour, you get the Kayler vibrato.  The Kayler is far superior to the Floyd Rose in many ways. 

    So about this guitar, it is way cool. Has numerious nicks, bumps , scratches and dings. the guitar plays well, there is one particular nasty dime size chip in the paint on the bottom of the guitar.  The bridge pickup is a Rio Grande the oringinal became microphonic. The rio grande pup is louder than the other two.  missing bac spring cover and vibrato bar. I dig it but I tend to play chords and sing nowdays.  I have buds that a shredders who really like the feel of this guitar.    I always prefered rock blues ala ZZ Top, Led Zepplin and Rolling Stones to hair metal and Van Halen, so it fit me.


    Condition Very Good (Used)
    Very Good items may show a few slight marks or scratches but are fully functional and in overall great shape.learn more



    • Falcon Custom USA


    • Black



    • 1986-1989.

    Made In

    • United States

    Fretboard Material

    • Rosewood

    Fretboard Radius

    • 12"

    Pickup Configuration

    • SSS

    Right / Left Handed

    • Right Handed

    Body Shape

    • S-Style

    Number of Strings

    • 6-String

    Neck Material

    • Maple

    Offset Body

    • No

    Wood Top Style

    • Plain

    Finish Style

    • Gloss

    Bridge/Tailpiece Type

    • Locking Tremolo Bridge

    Body Type

    • Solid Body

    Body Material

    • Poplar


    1515 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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