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    Professional, Affordable and Local Computer REPAIR
    Ad Id: 531148
    Posted By: A Local Geek of Paducah, KY (item located in Paducah, KY)
    Member Since:June 8, 2011 Date Posted:December 2
    Account Type:Pro Date Modified: 0
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:January 01
    Web Site:

    Is your computer slow? Do you have viruses/malware? Maybe your computer won't even start? Are you tired of speaking to people you can't understand only to find out they cannot help? It's time to call A Local Geek Computer Repair, a locally based small business for over 20 years. Professional services at affordable rates!

    We Offer:

     - Free in-shop estimates!
     - $50 System Restoration (makes your computer like it was new)
     - Malware/Virus removal without erasing your system
     - Installation of antivirus and antispyware software
     - Hardware Repairs
     - Data Recovery
     - Smartphone/Tablet Repair
     - Residential/Business House Calls
     - No appointment needed!
                               If we can't fix it there is NO CHARGE on ALL in-shop jobs!

    Call A Local Geek today at (270) 554-9645

    Like us on Facebook for tips, tricks and occasional discounts:

    607 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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