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    Champion Drive - Lake area lots
    Price: $75,000.00 Ad Id: 677350
    Posted By: David Nelson of Paducah, KY (item located in Kuttawa, KY)
    Category:Real Estate/Land
    Member Since:August 3, 2010 Date Posted:November 9
    Account Type:Pro Date Modified: 0
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:December 09
    Web Site:
    Lot 25 Champion Drive 

    Build your dream home on this beautiful deep water front lot. Enjoy the amenities of lake life and fill your "memory bank"!  Be the reason for the smiles of family & friends as you entertain for generations to come.  Watch your world come alive with every changing season.  Adjacent lot #24 Champion Hills Drive, MLS#94899, is also for sale.

    Directions:  I-24 to exit 40, west on Hwy 62 to Kuttawa, go to Suwanee, left on 810 South, go past Buzzard Rock Marina Dr, turn left on Champion Drive

    Offered at:
    MLS # 94898 /$75,000  Lot #25
    MLS # 94899 / $100,000  Lot#24

    I can show you any property that you are interested in.

    David Nelson
    Purchase Realty Group
    2650 Holt Road
    Cell:  270-556-1858

    607 Broadway   Paducah, KY   42001
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