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    1967 JD 2020 Gas Tractor
    Price: $7,500.00 Ad Id: 930792
    Posted By: Craig Carlton of Vienna, IL (item located in Vienna, IL)
    Member Since:February 17, 2009 Date Posted:November 19
    Account Type:Classic Date Modified: 0
    Phone:Please login to see phone number. Ad Expiration:December 19
    1967 JD 2020 Gas Tractor - Look at this one!  Here's the nicest 2020 as you'll ever find.  Front and rear weights, hydraulic outlet, new front tires, new rear rims and tubes, like new rear rubber, new seat, muffler and JD top link.  Cat II lift arms, 8 speed trans, 60 HP 4 cylinder engine, P.S., new steering wheel and runs great.  Good P.T.O. and lights work.  Just a sweet all around sharp tractor and comes with original owners manual.  Package deal includes 6' Woods Heritage Bushog and 9' Imco Back Blade.  $7,500.00  Will separate.  Delivery available.  618-658-2106

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