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    About the Back Button


    Several years ago a new technology began to develop in popularity. It was something called "Ajax". Ajax stands for "asynchronous Javascript and XML". For most purposes the Javascript is the key.


    Ajax was implemented into the VCI Classifieds because it made the Classifieds load faster. Remember, this was when dialup internet was popular so any method that made web pages load faster was important.


    Since then Ajax has become a common technology used in many websites. Facebook and Google for example have use it to make their websites highly interactive and flexible.


    The use of Ajax comes with one drawback for some customers. A website that utilizes the Ajax technology doesn't need a Back button. If you click the Back you are typically not taken to the previous page you were expecting.


    There are ways to make the Back button work with an Ajax website. This technology hasn't been perfected yet but VCI programmers have been reviewing it periodically for future inclusion into the VCI Classifieds. When the programmers feel the time is right the Back button will be "fixed" - if you believe it is broken.

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