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    Small Claims Court

    We are sorry to hear you had a bad transaction with another VCI user. Although we go to great lengths to keep scammers out of the system we are not able to guarantee that transactions will be free of problems.

    From time to time someone will report to VCI that they purchased an item from a seller via our Classifieds and the item wasn't what was described or has some other issue. Examples of problems that have been reported:
    • Buyer purchased a vehicle. Seller said he'd get the buyer the title next week. After months of waiting the buyer never received the title and seller doesn't respond anymore.
    • Buyer purchased a cell phone. Seller guaranteed it worked. Buyer tries to use phone with their cell phone company. Cell phone doesn't work. Seller doesn't respond.
    • Buyer purchased a shotgun. Seller said it had never been fired. Buyer tries to shoot gun and discovers the gun is damaged and can't fire. Buyer contacts seller. Seller won't refund money.

    First, we highly recommend you record everything when planning to purchase a high priced item such as a vehicle. This generally can be applied to any item over $100. Information you need to record are the names, phone numbers and addresses of the other person(s). Record times and dates of meetings, phone calls, etc.. Save emails, photos and text messages. For best results print a copy of the VCI Classifieds ad.

    Second, if your item qualifies, you can file a lawsuit using the "small claims" system. The process is relatively easy as long as you have documentation... as mentioned above. VCI cannot provide information to you regarding the other person unless you obtain a subpoena. Fortunately, the legal system allows private individuals to request a subpoena once they have filed a small claims lawsuit. When writing the request for a subpoena you will need to provide details to help us locate the information you need. If you don't provide us with enough details we may be unable to fulfill your request.

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