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  • Top 25

    New Feature

    The "Top 25" is displayed on the homepage of the VCI Classifieds. It was introduced in December 2011. The feature was included as part of the revamped homepage.

    The Trend

    Prior to the new design the homepage was the "Recent Ads" section. This section would be displayed to everyone after logging in. Some users liked this and some didn't. We realized there was a problem when we began noticing a trend in complaints regarding Pro ads. The complaint involved the same Pros users dominating the homepage by their ability to place numerous ads. A compromise was needed without placing restrictions on the Pro users.

    "Recent Ads" Removed

    The decision was made. We would remove the "Recent Ads" section from the homepage and replace it with something different. The option chosen was to display a short list of the most viewed ads over the last 24 hour period. A benefit of this method would be how it allowed Classic and Pro users to be displayed on the homepage. Classic users had never had the ability to be displayed at the top of the homepage before unless they signed up for a Pro account. Now they could be on the homepage.

    Prevent Fraud

    In order to ensure the "Top 25" ads isn't abused we created a method of ensuring the views are counted properly. A tracking system was put in place to ensure the views are not manipulated to increase the ad's view count.

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